Introduction – CO2 Research Centre, VIT University

Thursday, 17 February 2011

VIT University having a great vision to impart futuristic technical education and in still high patterns of discipline through our dedicated staff, have set global standard and train our young brains to became enlightened individuals for improving the living standards of the society through their superior technical knowledge and ethical standards. The University has created infrastructure and facilities of world standard for teaching our students and carrying out advanced research. The present student’s strength is about 14500 students, a fourth of them women.

VIT is the first educational institution in India to get international accreditations for its programmes. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), United Kingdom and the Energy Institute, United Kingdom have audited the Teaching-Learning Processes at VIT and accredited the respective programmes, in the year 2004, with the highest validity of 5 years. Recently, School of Mechanical and Building Sciences (SMBS),  one of the oldest school of VIT is accredited by Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology(ABET) with highest rating for six years.

India aiming for higher growth rates requires expansion in energy industry as it is a backbone for the industrial growth of the country. We are also having the responsibility to protect the environment and take care of the green house gas emission which causes the global warming. In view of the above VIT has taken action to start courses in Energy and Environment for meeting the increasing demand of trained technical manpower with interdisciplinary knowledge and skill for taking up the challenges.

1.2. VIT had started courses in B.Tech, M.Tech level and Ph. D programme in energy and environment. In 2006 with the assistance of European Union under EU-Asia link programme developed a curriculum jointly with Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Aachen, Germany, Technical University, Eindhoven, Netherlands and Indian Institute of Technology Chennai. In order to impart knowledge and skill required for the industry and advanced research, a separate Energy Centre is created with state of the art facilities. Number of advanced research and development programmes is also initiated in this centre.

The University is one of the pioneering institutions in promoting number of renewable energy projects for generating power for its own use and in promoting technologies for improving efficiencies.

Another major contribution is in environmental protection by reducing the CO2 emission using CO2 for increasing the efficiency. The renewable energy projects developed also helps in generating large job potential in rural area and also create opportunity for agriculturists for converting the waste products to get better values. 

The following paragraph gives the list of ongoing projects and project under development which has got high social relevance and helps in developing de-centralized power generation units.


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